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Draw In – Top Tips, Cheats, Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Draw In is a new one-touch drawing game for the iOS and Android platform. You tap and hold the screen to increase the length of the line, and your goal is to get as close as you can to the full length of the line, without going over. You can earn up to three stars on each level. Read on for some tips and tricks for Draw In!

Your best bet is to start off a new level by skewing toward drawing a slightly shorter line than you think you will need, rather than a slightly longer line. This will earn you one or two stars, allowing you to move onto the next level. You can also hit restart on the level, go slightly longer than last time, and try to make it to the three-star tier.

The ads can be a little bit annoying. If you want to play without them, the main way to do that is to set your phone into airplane mode, or play without any sort of data connection on your device – easier to do with a tablet or an iPod Touch than a phone, since you just have to play without wifi. Once a method of purchasing ad-free play is added to the game, buy that in-app purchase.

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If you need a hint at the game, then go to the level, and in the upper right-hand corner will be a lightbulb icon. Tap the lightbulb and a video will play. Once the video stops, close out of it and the exact length of the line that you should draw will show. Draw just a tad bit shorter than the length of the line and you will still get three stars. Even just a little bit longer and you fail the level, so best to play it safe.

Right now, there is only one game mode, which is classic mode, but with updates to the game come new levels. Also, look out for the endless mode to come soon. When this comes, it’s especially important both to practice a lot and to skew slightly under what you think the perfect line length is. Other game modes are coming soon, too.

Hit the high core menu to see both your high score rank and your rank in stars. The more stars you earn on all levels, the higher your rank will be. Make sure that if you are going for the goal of earning every star, that you update the game literally as soon as a new update happens. Then three-star every level.