Skip to Content Battle Royale (Voodoo): Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide is a new .io game by Voodoo following in the footsteps of the series, but with a twist. Your goal is to cover as much of the board as possible with your specific color, while avoiding getting eliminated by another player. The player with the least amount of color on the board gets eliminated every ten seconds, until there is only one person left. Read on for some tips and tricks for!

Despite the game making it look like you’re playing against live players, you aren’t if you have anything less than a perfect connection. You’re playing against computer-controlled “players” the entire time. To prove this, turn your phone or tablet into airplane mode or turn off all of the data. A new game will then start. Real players will pop up if you have a good connection, though. Sometimes, computer-controlled players will be easier to beat than the real players.

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The style of the paintbrush can be changed at will from the main menu screen. The color of the paint can change, but you can’t pick the color. The color will be completely random, and it will change after each round that you play. The title screen and the color of the paint on the brush-select menu will change in order to reflect the new paint colors.

Pick up every power up that you can, and stay away from the edges of the level. If you stay toward the middle and middle-sides of the level, you can see more area at the same time, and the more area that you have on your screen, the easier it is to see power-ups when they pop up. Without being able to pick up power-ups quickly, you won’t make it into first place.

Some power-ups are temporary, while some are permanent. The speed boosts and the size boosts are temporary, but size boost can be stacked to make you huge. The level up power-up is permanent, and adds one more brush/roller/marker to your character when you pick one up. Pick them up early and often to make it an easy win.

A good strategy to knock off an already-weak player when you are in last place and fighting your way out is to follow them and paint over what they paint. Conversely, however, you’ll also get a lot of players who like to tail you and paint over what you do. Spin around at a rapid pace to shake people off when you’re being tailed. It’ll take around two or three spins, and then they’ll stop following you.