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Dream League Soccer 2016: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Dream League Soccer 2016 is a new entry in the highly-regarded soccer series by First Touch Games for the iOS and Android platforms. This game presents a slightly quicker version of the full soccer experience with real players, the ability to build and improve your team and send them racing up the league ladders, and customizable controls. You can collect coins and use them to buy new players, sell old ones, and run a whole market. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dream League Soccer 2016!

Before you get started in trading players back and forth, learn to master the controls. If you want a quick rundown as to what each button does but you don’t want the whole tutorial, skip the tutorial, then start a new game and pause it, then go to the settings menu, the controls submenu, and you’ll see what every button does. Change things as you please if you want to, or you can simply leave things the way that they were.

Make sure that everyone on your team is in their right positions. Whether the position is a match or not is shown by whether their icon is green, yellow or red. Green is the best match, while red is the worst. Do trades and transfers if you have to, or change the formation that your team uses, in order to make things as green as possible.

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Rare or popular soccer players can go for a little bit above market value in the store if you try to sell them. That requires a little bit of patience and knowing what you are doing in order to sell them for a premium. At the same time, look for players that you can get for a deal or for below market value, maybe even ones that are a bit less well known but still have a high stat score and are of the right position to fit into your team.

Play in both the main game mode, the career one, and the tournament one for different prizes. The tournament can be more of a waste of time if you don’t perform well at the game but if you do, you can use this mode to earn some of your biggest rewards.

Taking a shot on the goal and having it not suck is the toughest part of the game. Ball control is the first thing to master, so be aggressive and take the ball as close to the goal as you can, then shoot it. Don’t overshoot it – stop the indicator at a length that is just right for the goal distance.