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Drift Girls: Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Drift Girls is a new dating/drifting game for the iOS and Android that is every teenage male car enthusiast’s wet dream in game form. You’re a drifter with a pick of the girls, and your goal is to move up in the ranks of the drifting levels, while taking girls with you, dating girls and building your relationships with them, which, of course, gives you an advantage in the drifting ranks. Read on for some tips and tricks for Drift Girls!

The drifting in this game is done with two play mechanics. First, you start while your revs are flashing the green light for the optimal start. Then with each drift, you enter the drift when the car is halfway through the yellow line, and exist when your car is halfway through the second yellow line. You have to drift in the right direction or it won’t work. In drifting a “Great” is the best score you can get, while you can earn a “perfect” in the starting line.

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Upgrading your car will make you fast enough to beat the tougher levels. To do this, go to the garage and hit “upgrade” to sacrifice your unwanted cars to upgrade the car that you do want. If you have two level-10 examples of the same car, you can merge them together to get a random car one tier rarer that’s back down at level 1. You can also sell any car that you don’t want if you need some more coins.

When you’re in the middle of episode 2 of the game you will unlock parts, which can be installed on your car, or merged together just like the cars so that their performance is increased. Some of them will decrease specific stats but all of them will increase your overall stats compared to having no parts installed on the same car. When you switch cars, take the best parts off of your old car and stick them on the new car for a quick upgrade.

Dating is an important mechanic in this game, more than you might imagine it to be at first. The more dates you take your girl on, the more her affection level for you increases, and the higher that level is, the more the stats in your car are increased from having her ride along.

Always be sure to check your mail whenever there is a number next to the mail icon. That means there is a gift for you to claim, and oftentimes that gift can include a brand new, even a higher tier car than the one that you already have.