Drifty King: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, Hints, and Strategy Guide

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Drifty King is a new top-down drifting game for the iOS and Android where your goal is to drift in circles, make it as long of a distance and through as many levels as possible, and beat car after car in the process.

You can knock out other cars, earn coins, unlock a ton of new cars, and more as you pass increasingly difficult levels.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Drifty King!

Mainly, you want to go as long of a distance as possible and avoid losing your hearts. You lose a heart when you get hit by a bomb or when you run into another car without drifting.

To stay alive, either avoid hitting other cars, or only hit other cars while you are drifting. Bombs will hit you if you stay in the same drifting circle for too long, so either straighten out for a bit or change directions after about three circles in a row.

Each car will have its own power and speed ranking, and different cars go for different prices. Generally, the more expensive cars are better.

Other cars can be earned without spending in-game coins, though. You can either spend real-life money on individual cars, or you can subscribe for an excluve car. Another bonus car appears after you play for three days in a row.

When you die, you can watch a video to get two of your hearts back. Do this especially if you are in the middle of a boss fight. Make sure you have an internet connection or no videos will show up, though.

You can subscribe to the game for either 8 dollars per week, 20 dollars per month, or 100 dollars per year. The per-year option is the best deal out of all of them, but if you just want to try it, you can choose the weekly option, do the three day free trial, and then cancel before it auto-renews.

After each level, you also have the option to watch an advertisement video for 20 free coins. 20 coins might not sound like much, but watch 10-20 of these over time, and all of a sudden you have enough for a new car.

You don’t have to drift in circles to pass each level, but each circle gives you 25 extra points. The more points you earn in a level, the more coins you get at the end of a level.

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