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Drive Ahead! – Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Drive Ahead is a new competitive head-smasher for the iOS platform. The whole goal of the game is to run over the other guy’s head. Whoever can run over the other person’s head five times first wins. Of course, you can also collect a ton of different stages, as well as cars and obstacles in each stage. Read on for some tips and tricks for Drive Ahead!

Different cars perform differently in this game, especially due to the size of the cars in question. Your best bet is to use a longer vehicle, because you can rear up on your rear wheels, lift your front wheels off of the ground and then get an easy smash. This especially works on a shorter enemy.

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However, there are advantages to small vehicles too. As the motorcycle, you are a small target, and you can use your opponent’s aggression against them. If they get a little too crazy, you can brake before they expect to hit you and cause them to go flying over your head and off of the size of the stage or into the wall.

The casino has a different chance to win based on how much cash you wager, and as you win cars the percentage goes down. Keep it at 100 through until the winning chance drops below around 50, because you will still have a huge chance of winning beforehand. After that, then you can start to ratchet up the amount that you bet. This, of course, changes if you have a ton of coins.

After each five game round, you can watch a video to earn free coins, or you can go straight to the IAP store and do it. Each video earns you 30 coins, which, of course, can then be spent in the casino. Want as many cars and levels as possible? Watch as many videos as possible.

Be the most aggressive racer on the course and you will almost always win. Usually, the one who hesitates or is passive is the one who loses, kind of like in poker. Make the first move and you’ll often send an opponent hesitating to their death.