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Dualism! – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Dualism! Is a new level-based physics game for the iOS and Android platforms. You control a big ball in the middle, and with each tap on the screen, you spin its barrier around to catch the white and black circles. Your goal is to move from level to level, each being more difficult than the last. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dualism!

There are two different set of levels in this game. The default levels are the easy ones, but tap the mode button and you will switch over to the hard levels instead, which is where loads of small balls are on the screen at the same time. Those are still easy, though, if you just look for the numbers on the small balls. Target the balls in reverse order and you will win every time.

There is a Color switch at the bottom of the main menu that allows you to either lock or unlock it. While it’s not obvious what this does at first, what this actually does is allow the background color to shift and change if you unlock it. If you don’t unlock it, then the color will remain the same.

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The ads can be a little bit intrusive at times, and a simple two-dollar in-app purchase will make all of the ads go away. If you delete the game and then download it again, hit the restore purchases button (which looks like a dollar sign with a reload button around it) and the purchase will be restored for free. You can also switch the phone into airplane mode to get rid of the ads for free, on a temporary basis.

This game has a nearly unlimited amount of levels. Head to the Game Center or the Google Play areas to compare your progress against that of other players. There are two different high scores for the game, as well. Switch to the hard mode for the high scores for that mode, and switch to the easy mode for the high scores for those.

Watch out in the later levels for random obstacles relating to the big orb itself. For example, it will start moving at random times, resize itself, and the barrier will even split into different shapes midway through the round. The further that you get into the levels, the more obstacles, and the more difficult the obstacles will be.