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Dude Perfect 2: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Dude Perfect 2 is the second mobile game, and the first free-to-play game, by the trick shot wizards behind the Dude Perfect Youtube channel. This game has you doing exactly what they do, which is attempting various insane trick shots with basketballs, bowling balls, and other sorts, while collecting coins and cash and purchasing new balls, characters and other goods. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dude Perfect 2!

Your goal is to shoot into all of the baskets with the least possible shots used. You’re going to have to play some stages over and over in order to do this, and it will be necessary in order to earn all three stars on each stage. Go back to all of the one-star stages and play them again until you earn a second and third star. You’ll have to do this to unlock new levels in the game.

Each time that you earn a new star, you will earn 50 coins as a bonus, a total of 150 coins for three stars at once. Save up your coins if you want to buy new characters and balls. If you want to earn more coins, do as above and go to stages that you have earned one star on (or play new stages). If you replay a three-starred stage, you have no shot of earning coins on it.

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You can watch Dude Perfect videos through the game in order to earn more coins. You can watch advertisement videos in order to earn more energy once you run out of it. Another way to earn more lives is to ask on Facebook. If you have no friends that play the game then you can most likely find players on the Dude Perfect Youtube or Facebook channels. Plus, unlimited energy is available as an in-app purchase as well.

Be sure to play the minigames as often as possible. You can find them from the main menu of the game. The Daily Reward is very straightforward. The Lucky Panda, however, is more of a game of change. You have to choose to stop before you hit the “stop” card. If you hit the red card, then you will lose all of the previous prizes that you earned during that round. You will get free play on them after enough time. Once per day is how often you get the daily reward, for example.

Make use of the power ups when you need to beat a difficult stage quickly. The airstrike will automatically drop a flurry of basketballs out of an airplane that will land in all of the hoops. The magnet will draw the ball toward the hoop after you shoot it. The directional aid will show you exactly where the ball will go when you aim it, before you fire it.