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Dumb Ways To Die 2: The Games – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategies, Page 1

Dumb Ways To Die 2: The Games is the sequel to the smash hit game by the Melbourne Train Authority designed to raise awareness about being safe around trains. This one adds more of a competition element to it, but at its core it is much the same concept – tap quickly to avoid getting killed in a gory way. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dumb Ways To Die 2: The Games!

The dumbest of the dumb is the competition area, but before you go here, go to all of the other areas on the map. All of these are free to enter, and you can play as many times as you want. Practice until you become as close to perfect as possible at these stages, then go to the dumbest of the dumb.

Once you are ready, you have to pay one ticket/token to go to the dumbest of the dumb competition. You can get more tokens by spinning the Wheel of Misfortune at the end of the round, then when the knife shoots out, it will either hit a prize on the wheel, or just hit your character in the head, causing you to earn nothing from it.

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Wanna cut off the ads? All you have to do is play the game without any data or any WiFi on, and the ads will go away. A shortcut for this is to go to the settings and go to Airplane Mode. Then play the game and the ads will stop popping up after you play a level. This is generally not recommended though as this is the main source of income for the developers.

The safety bonus at the beginning is the best way to earn bonus points, which is important because the more points you earn, the more of a chance you have at getting a new character in Dumbest of the Dumb mode. In none of the other modes will it matter, although it’s also good to practice your speed at the bonus games, too.

Use a different strategy for each different game. For the speed tapping games it’s very easy to cheat simply by using three or four fingers at a time. The swiping and tilting games are not quite so easy, though.

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