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Dumb Ways To Die (iOS) Tips and Tricks Guide, Part 2: More Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Welcome to part two of the Dumb Ways to Die (for iOS) tips and tricks guide! Click here to go back to part one of the guide!

During the puke game, if you swipe around super fast, especially if you swipe around super fast with four fingers, the game will freeze and unfreeze intermittently. Even if it currently appears to be frozen, just keep swiping and pay attention to which areas you have swiped and not swiped in order to figure out where you need to clean.

During the game where you put the mustard on the hot dog, use four fingers or more to simply carpetbomb the entire area with mustard. It doesn’t matter where else the mustard goes as long as the whole black squiggly line is covered up. Or just trace the line with your finger, and then trace it backwards, and then trace it forwards again, etc, until you finally fill the spot.

At the end of the round, pushing the red button will allow you to take the pledge not to do dumb stuff around trains. If you take the pledge then the game will thank you for taking the pledge, but if you don’t, nothing will happen.

Find a cheat tool that can slow down the game (there are some on Cydia if you are playing the game on a jailbroken iPhone) if you want to get some insanely high scores that are almost unbeatable, such as the 10,000 point scores that you might see here and there on Game Center. Otherwise, forget it. Don’t even bother with any survey “hack tool”, as any hack tool that claims to be protected by a survey is a SCAM.

After you unlock all of the characters, if you want to start the game over again, delete it, and then download it again and the game will be reset. Start playing again and you can unlock everything and everybody just as you did before.

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