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Dune! (iOS/Android) – Top 17 Tips, Tricks, Cheats, Strategies, Glitches and Hacks, Page 2

12) The “smooth landing” bonus is your key to earning points rapidly. String together a whole bunch of smooth landing bonuses and you’ll be off to the races to beat your high score. Once you’re at the x4 bonus tier (gold background etc), you’ll earn four points for going to the boom, and eight points for beyond. Keep your landings as smooth as possible to maximize points.

11) There is one little goal past outer space that very few players have reached. If you shoot far enough beyond the ringed planet and past outer space, you’ll shoot so far up that the edges of the background will be visible on the screen, making the entire background look like a stationary rectangular image. This glitch is the ultimate height goal in the game.

10) If you are really committed to getting an insane number of points, stay away from shooting up too high in the sky or going too fast. Stay low and dive into slopes with enough smoothness to extend your bonus, but ideally, keep the height low enough that you won’t die when you crash down to the ground.

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9) To keep safe when you’re shooting down from a high height, lift your finger from the screen as needed in order to aim properly into a good slope, and put your finger back down on the screen when needed in order to aim perfectly for that smooth landing on the downhill portion of the slope. You can even drop down without using your finger at all to make a soft landing and scrub height off.

8) If you lose your bearings and can’t aim properly, then your best chance at survival is to let go of the screen completely. This soft landing has a survival advantage; if you don’t hit too hard, you’ll end up surviving a steep fall. If you do, then let the ball slow down until you can start diving in and out of the dunes to build up speed and height again.

7) Once you die in a round, you can revive. Simply take the revive offer and watch an advertisement video and you’ll start over from where you lost at. This will apply even if you have already set your top score before you die – you can start again and lift your score further and further out of reach.

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