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Dune! (iOS/Android) – Top 17 Tips, Tricks, Cheats, Strategies, Glitches and Hacks, Page 3

6) There can be a ton of pop-up ads in the game sometimes, so if you want to get them to turn off, go to the phone settings and put it into airplane mode, or shut off your cellular and internet and the ads will stop. Of course, then you won’t be able to revive after you lose a round.

5) If you get stuck at the bottom of a ditch, then seemingly you won’t be able to get anywhere because you’ll just move back and forth a little bit when you hold down on the screen. However, you can get out of there. Hold on the screen for around five seconds and your ball will shoot forward, up and out of the ditch.

4) Of course, you can buy a small in-app purchase to turn off the ads permanently. If you do this, it’s about two dollars, and then you’ll unlock a specific new ball, which is only unlocked when you “Go Premium” according to the game. That’s the only way to unlock every ball in the game, is to buy this purchase.

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3) If you get really good at aiming for the dunes, then the next step is to pick the best kind of dune when you’re shooting the ball back downward. Ignore the dune with the really sharp downhill; it’s nearly impossible to land on and it’s hardly worth it. Shoot for a dune with a steep uphill to go high into the air. Aim for a wide dune without much steepness in order to increase your speed significantly.

2) Experiment with the different balls that you unlock. Each ball has a very slightly different performance characteristic – I.E. how fast it rises and how quickly it drops. The difference is nearly imperceptible, but it’s there. Pick the one with the feel that you like the best.

1) To further give yourself an advantage, pick a dark background with a very light-colored dune, or a light background with a very dark-colored dune for the maximum contrast. This makes it easier to aim for the dunes when you’re at a great height, as opposed to a light-light or a dark-dark combination, which is not good for the contrast and makes it more difficult to aim.

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