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Dune! (iOS/Android) – Top 17 Tips, Tricks, Cheats, Strategies, Glitches and Hacks

Dune! is a new endless game where you shoot a ball up off of sand dunes and try to shoot them as high as you can, while getting as high of a score as you can. You can unlock all kinds of new balls, new landscapes, and all sorts of other hidden goodies, and also try for the highest score possible so that you can compete with players all over the world. Read on for the top 17 tips and tricks for Dune!

17) First thing’s first. The game is much easier to play with your left thumb than it is with your right thumb. If you play the game left-thumbed, you’ll be able to see a lot more of the path ahead of you, because nothing will be blocking your path ahead. If you play with your right thumb, then you’ll always have to look around your right thumb to see what’s ahead.

16) Hold down on the screen with a finger to drop faster and to increase your speed. Let go of the screen to stop dropping down and to stop gaining speed. Let go of your lift off when you’re ending the downhill portion of a slope, so that you can shoot up off of the uphill side of the slope as quickly as possible.

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15) You can shoot up into the sky to earn even more points. Past the first line, shoot to the moon (or equivalent on another background) to get “To the moon!”. Shoot to the ringed planet above the moon (or the equivalent on any background) to get the “And beyond!” bonus, which is worth double what “Too the moon!” is, points-wise.

14) One of the secret balls, the star, requires you to shoot into space in order to earn it. Space is far beyond the “And beyond!” standard. The distance between “And beyond!” and outer space is the equivalent to the distance between “To the moon!” and “And beyond!”. Shoot extremely high and you’ll know you got it when you unlock the star.

13) The background that you unlock by landing smoothly ten times in one game is the one in which it is easiest to go to space and get the above secret ball. This is a cybernetic-looking background that has a line on it for the moon, for beyond, AND for outer space, so all you have to do is pass the highest line in the sky in order to get that ball.

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