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Dune! (iOS/Android): Unlock Everything – How to unlock all balls, dunes and backgrounds, page 2

Green Dune: Play 100 Games
Brown Dune: Jump 20 times in a single game
?: Score 10,000 total points (not in a single game)
Cyber grid: Land smoothly 20 times in one single game

Moonscape: Reach the moon 5 times in one single game
Icy landscape: Go beyond the moon 300 times total
Pink: Play the game for three consecutive days.

Dark version of the starting background: Play two games.
Saturn in the sky: Play 300 total games.
Volcano and meteors: Jump 40 times in a single game.
Beach: Score 10 points in a single game.

Cyber/Tron-esque: Land smoothly 10 times in one game.
UFO: Reach the moon ten times in one single game.
Icy world: Go beyond the moon “And beyond!”
Ice Cream World: Play for seven days in a row
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