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Dungeon & Alchemist: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

Dungeon & Alchemist is a new idle RPG for the iOS and Android platforms. Your character does all of the fighting work; your goal in this game is to manage his equipment, pets, money, coins, gems, rubies, and other goodies. Read on for some tips, cheats, tricks, strategies, hacks, and more for Dungeon & Alchemist!

Your two main upgrades for your character are health and attack power. These are about the only things that your coins are useful for in this game. You can upgrade these using rubies, which are a semi-premium currency, as well, but there are far more uses for rubies than there are for coins, so save your rubies for more exclusive purchases.

Your starting equipment is nearly useless; while you can get very strong and rare equipment with diamonds, fill up the ad video equipment tier first. This tier is so-called because you can watch an ad video to earn the equipment for free, with ten minute breaks in between each available ad video. Watch one, wait the ten minutes, watch the next one, and so forth until you fill up all four of your slots with equipment.

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There is no offline play in this game, oddly enough; what that means is that the quickest way to load up on a gigantic quantity of coins and resources is to take your phone or tablet screen out of auto-sleep mode and leave the game active. Plug into a charger when you do this, so that your device doesn’t die. Do this when you go to sleep, and when you come back, you’ll have a massive amount of coins and crafting resources to spend.

You can craft all sorts of potions and other items using the resources that drop during battles, so after awhile of battling, hit the craft menu and check out what you can build. Potions give temporary boosts to any of your stats depending on which one you use, and scrolls attack an enemy or heal you. You can also sell them for rubies after you craft them, which is the quickest way to earn free rubies in the entire game.

Diamonds are the premium currency of the game and are received by completing in-app purchases, or you can get them for free as a quest completion reward. Even if you are not a paying player, you still get plenty of free diamonds by completing quests. Spend them on your appearance, pets, or on rare equipment for the biggest advantages that you can get. Pets auto-attack for you, while an appearance modifier boosts your health.


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