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Dungeon Boss – Top 15 Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategies, Page 3

5) Use the auto battle through the first rounds of a fight until you hit the boss, with the exception of very tough fights. Use it sparingly though, as when the auto battle is turned on, your characters will not use any of their skills. They will just use their normal attacks, and you won’t be able to target.

4) If you are one fight away from the boss, refrain from using all of your special moves. Save them unless you need to use a healing move immediately to keep one of your characters alive. For all of the attack moves, though, wait so that you can start off the boss battle with a bang and take away a ton of health and (if you are using a splash attack) knock off all of his underlings at the same time.

3) Fight in the PvP battles and you can earn multiple rewards. For each win you earn honor scrolls, which can then be spent on their own special type of summon inside the portal. Also, check the Leaderboard and go to the ‘rewards’ tab and you’ll see what you’ll earn for being in a certain tier when the regular tournament ends. When one ends another begins. If you’re first place you can even earn a ton of gems.

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2) Stay on the lookout for special summons that go along with events. Keep looking at the events tab to see what’s going on as new ones are added all the time, even without official updates being added to the game. The events are added over-the-air so they will show up randomly, with maybe one pop-up when you log into the game to let you know about it.

1) VIP is something that costs a little bit of money – it’s earned by buying gems and by buying special bundles in the store. Once you have VIP, though, you keep it for as long as you keep playing. Sign up for a Big Fish account to get a bunch of extras with or without having a VIP account.

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