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Dungeon Crash – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Dungeon Crash is a new mobile RPG for the iOS and Android platforms by Firefly Games. You have a ton of different dungeons to raid and enemies to beat in this game, as well as hundreds of characters and weapons and a nearly endless amount of prizes. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dungeon Crash!

A whole lot of different stuff stays locked until you reach a specific player level, but there’s a way to get a high player level in a VERY short amount of time. All that you have to do is go to a dungeon that you have already beaten. Then, when you tap it, the menu will include options for auto-battle, and auto-battle 5x. Hit the second one, and keep auto-battling until you run out of food. Then X out of it and you’ll have a ton of new unlocks due to gaining multiple player levels.

If you have the gems to spend on cooking more food, keep doing this trick over and over, because the more you auto-battle one stage, the more EXP you gain from it, making each level easier and easier to gain. Spend gems twice for more food and you’ll end up shooting from a level between 12-15 (for example) to a level in the 30s in literally 5 minutes just by all of the auto-battles.

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You’ll unlock awakening, evolving and enhancing your heroes when you do this, which are three different variations of the same thing. They strengthen your heroes’ base stats, and they require specific items, such as evolution gems. To find out where to get what you need, go to the applicable option (evolve, enhance, awaken). Tap on the item that you don’t have enough of, and an informatory pop-up will appear. Scroll down the pop-up for all of the possible locations of the item in question.

You’ll also unlock the ability to upgrade your weapons and armor, which can be done with nothing but gold. Each weapon has its own maximum level, which is typically high enough to put all of that gold you get from babysitting every basement floor of the dungeon to use. You can awaken each weapon as well, which, just like awakening your characters, will increase their base stats, making each upgrade level that much more powerful.

Play in the raid boss battles and win in the arena to earn even better rewards than usual. The higher your participation, the higher you will rank, and the higher you rank, the higher your chances of earning rare weapons and heroes. Be sure that your team is fully decked out with rare heroes and rare weapons, as well as plenty of upgrades, before you go in.