Dungeon Hearts Blitz – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

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Dungeon Hearts Blitz is a new free to play puzzle RPG for the iOS and Android platforms. The gameplay is a bit like Puzzle and Dragons, except your method of battling is to swap two tiles in order to make a combo, with the goal being to make the largest combos possible to deal huge amounts of damage to the enemy monsters. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dungeon Hearts Blitz!

You can match way more than three tiles, and the more you match, the higher the damage that you do with that one attack. Making an L-shaped combo or a + shaped combo is the surest way to maximize damage. You can match up to 10 tiles at a time doing it this way, which will cause the corresponding attacker on your team to do an insane amount of damage.

Of course, you want to try to knock out the most matches in one move as possible, which happens as pieces drop down onto the board and make new combos. The more matches, the higher the damage multiplier for each move will be, and a large combo can kill many enemies at once – useful, considering that sometimes you’ll be fighting more than 10 enemies in one single round.

You’ll need coins to upgrade your characters and cause their stats to skyrocket. If you get stuck on a particular stage, go back to the older stages that you have already beaten, and beat them again in order to earn more coins. You can earn as many as you want as long as you have enough stamina to do so.

Runes will imbue you with new special skills which cause massive amounts of damage, or can do damage to loads of enemies at once, as well. Only certain stages will have runes available to earn, so make sure to play these stages often to earn as many runes as possible.

Once you level up one of your fighters to 20, you’ll be able to evolve them into a new type of fighter. Go to the shop and go to the heroes section to see what requirements you have to meet in order to earn each of the rarer heroes. For example, a level of 20 is required for the two-star version of the hero. Each hero can go up to four stars.

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