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Dungeon, Inc. – Relic order, how to load up on relics and insurance cash

Dungeon, Inc is a popular new idle business simulator for the iOS and Android where your goal is to build up your dungeons, cash out via insurance fraud, and spend the cash on relics and other goodies. You can earn specific relics, use them for everything from raid attack and defense upgrades to gold boosts, and send your income into the stratosphere. Read on for some tips for getting more relics and insurance cash and on what the order of relic unlocks is in Dungeon, Inc!

So far, all of the relics have been unlocked in the same order by anybody who plays. Relic order and effects are as follows: Ever-Watching Eye (boosts gold profit while online x16 per level), Bonsai Bank (boosts gold profit offline x18 per level), Necronomicup (boosts production speed adding x2 per level), Clipper (boost tap damage during audits +20% per level), Carbo Slop (employee health +20% per level), Bone Phone (boost employee damage 20%/level), Staplorable (boosts tap damage during raids +20% per level), H86 Hex 100 (boost employee damage during raids +20%/level), and the Raid Aid (boost employee health during raids +20%/level).

To load up on relics, you need to load up on insurance cash. The amount of insurance cash that you earn when you claim insurance depends on how many notches you have on the level-up bars for every station. Levels 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, 500, etc, are where you bank more cash for the insurance claim.

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To make it fast and efficient, first, make sure to get the Ever-Watching Eye, then level it up a time or two or three, so that you can speed up the upgrades as much as possible. Once you get the Necronomicup, upgrade that a time or three for even more of an extra boost. The other relics are not important if your goal is to grind for cash quickly, although the Bonsai Bank does help for when you are going to be offline for prolonged periods.

To grind for more cash in the quickest manner possible after you have the Ever-Watching Eye, do the following. Claim insurance, then go to the tree fort with max upgrades turned on, and purchase everything. Go to Chillsville and buy everything that you can immediately buy. Go back to Tree Fort and top up all of your rooms, from the bottom to the top. Go back to Chillsville and buy any extra rooms that you can, then top up from bottom to top. Then go back to Tree Fort and top up from bottom to top again. Then claim insurance again.

If you want to top up even further after that, then defeat an audit or grab some bats, then do the Chillsville/Tree Fort cycle again. It’s important that you do it from bottom to top, because if you start at the top, you’ll run out of gold for any meaningful top-ups. The audits will also earn you a little bit of extra cash for the insurance payment, but not enough to make much of a difference.