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Dungeon Legends – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Dungeon Legends is a new dungeon-crawling game for the iOS and Android platforms and on Kongregate. You have maze-like levels to explore with countless undead to kill, and you fight for coins, experience, and the highest score possible, because it’s a competitive game as well. You can even go co-op with other players or play versus mode for rank, prizes and bragging rights. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dungeon Legends!

Right from the outset, you have the ability to train your hero, and you can do it cheaply too. Go to the training menu and everything initially costs only 50 gold coins apiece, while each piece of training takes 15 seconds to complete. As you train a particular stat higher and higher it goes to 100 coins and 1 minute, then 200 coins and 2 minutes, and so on and so forth.

The blacksmith will allow you to upgrade your weapons and armor to achieve the same effect with attack and defense, except that you could end up with +1, +3, +5 or whatever, depending on your luck. You can watch an advertisement video if you want to reroll again for a new upgrade afterwards. You can also watch a video to cut out the entire half an hour that it takes to upgrade your equipment.

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As you learn new skills, don’t forget to go to the skill selection menu to pick out the ones that you want the most. The floor breaker, in particular, is useful due to the high levels of splash damage that it causes, allowing you to defeat multiple enemies at the same time. Upgrade your existing skills in the “skills” menu as well, if you can’t find any good unlockable skills that you like at the moment.

You can get a daily free gem by watching an advertisement video whenever the offer bubble pops up to do so. Otherwise, gems cost real life money, but complete the missions and you can earn free gems as well. Some of the missions will earn you coins, while others will earn you gems.

Be sure to do the treasure hunt as often as possible by hitting the “SEARCH” button, right above the blacksmith button. Send your explorers on a long journey, then watch a video to complete the search instantly. If you don’t want to mess with the videos, then send them on a short search, or send them on a long search if you have the patience to wait until they come back.