Dungeons & Evil – Tips and Cheats: The Ultimate Strategy Guide

Dungeons & Evil is a new iOS role playing game. The story driven elements of the gameplay, as well as the general card collecting mechanisms make for an experience to rival Brave Frontier, but the battle system is far more similar to games such as Little Alchemist and Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dungeons & Evil!

This game has loads of locked features that open up as you gain experience levels. You do that in battles. The main key in battle is to have the best batch of cards that you can equip. Equip your strongest card as your leader card, earn enough gold to enhance it, then enhance it. Try to fill all of the rest of your spaces with cards that are over 2 stars, but make sure that your cards with the most attack and experience are in the party.

You’ll get experience cards as you go, but each one requires a massive amount of gold in order to use them. Save these exclusively for cards that are at least three stars, but preferably four stars; cards that cannot be easily replaced in your card lineup. Don’t waste any of them on one or two star cards, which are easily replaced.

Add as many friends as possible. Add friends based primarily on their leader card’s experience level and rarity, but add them by their own rarity as well. Make sure that your leader card is your rarest and most powerful card, so that you’ll get more add requests (your max increases as you gain levels).

Gaining experience levels can be a long and tedious process in this game. One quick trick to earn experience quickly (and gold, for that matter) is to go to the toughest stage that you have previously beaten, and then play it again on the same difficulty. Hit auto, then hit skip (this is free on replay stages) to finish the stage instantly. Do this over and over again until you run out of SP.

Tap almost anything that’s glowing in the main menu screen aside from the casino and the purchase offers. If anything other than that is glowing or has an exclamation mark by it, that means that there is a bonus to go with it.

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