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Dunk Hoop – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Dunk Hoop is another one of the basketball-themed endless games that is all over the App Store, but unlike most of the other ones, this one has you controlling the hoop, not the ball. The balls fire in from somewhere off the screen, and your goal is to move the hoop so that they successfully shoot into the hoop. You can spin from the prize machine and unlock new hoops, nets and balls to use in each round. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dunk Hoop for iOS and Android!

There are two kinds of successful shots that you can make in this game. A standard shot will earn you one point apiece, and a perfect shot will earn you two points at first, then one more point for each of the shots that you make in a row, making it extremely easy to pull off a record high score with perfect shots.

You can spin from the prize machine once every six hours for free, or you can spin from it any time that you want to by watching an advertisement video. If you have an uneven trio of icons, then you won’t win anything, but if you have the same icon three times in a row, then you will win a new hoop, a new net or a new ball depending on what you match up.

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The speed of the shots will increase not based on the score, but based on the length of time that the round has gone on for. That means that if you land the first 30 shots in a row perfectly, the speed will not be that high, but the score will be insanely high. However, if the equivalent score is gained from all one-point shots, then the speed will end up being ridiculously high at the end of the round.

Experiment with your finger placement on the screen whenever you play to figure out if you have one area or another that will help you get more perfect shots in a row. Try putting your finger on the basket, or under the basket, or even over the basket if you think that will help. Try using your index finger, your middle finger, or your thumb.

Whether you do perfect rounds or not, you will have until you miss to keep increasing your score, with the speed continually increasing all the same. It just becomes easier to earn a high score when you do perfect shots, so that you can crank up the number without cranking up the speed more. And the slower the shots are coming, the easier it is to make more perfect shots in a row.