Durango: Wild Lands – Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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Durango: Wild Lands is a unique new semi-pacifist MMORPG for the iOS and Android platforms that puts humans and dinosaurs together in the same world. You can hunt dinosaurs or keep them as pets (or do a little bit of both), and you can either choose to live a life of peace, coexisting with other players, or you can engage in PvP combat and take on other players in battle. It’s a free-for-all of the right kind.

You can pick one out of many characters, each of which has their own specialty such as gathering, ranged combat, melee combat, tailoring, and more, and then you and players of other types can help each other out using your various specialties. You can level up your skills, complete all sorts of quests, and more, collect currencies such as T-stones, Warp Gems, Silver, and more.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Durango: Wild Lands!

Once you start, pay close attention during the tutorial. There is a lot to go over in this game, and if you are paying good attention (not watching TV at the same time, for example), then you’ll have a far easier time getting used to all that this game has to offer. If you don’t pay very close attention, you might have to figure it out yourself later on, which is doable, but can be a bit annoying.

After that, be sure to complete your Daily Tasks and Achievements. Both of these will help you figure out new stuff in the game and progress you along at a gradual pace, so even if you miss the tutorial you’ll still know what you’re doing. Plus, you can earn Warp Gems and Silver.

Then, finally, do quests with all of the various organizations that you find in Durango. Each one will have their own set of quests, and if you complete quests and act as a go-fer for them, they’ll trust you more and more, allowing you to earn better and rarer rewards. You need to have the Communications Center in order to unlock the organizations and their rewards.

Exploration is the name of this game. Once you make it to a new island, go to every single bit of the island to see what creatures and treasure you can find. Once the whole thing is explored, you’ll earn a Silver bonus. And if you go from one island to another new island, expect to find new species on the island, which can be dangerous in ways that you won’t be used to at all compared to the old island. And remember where resources are located on the islands, so that you can go back later and look for them.

The pet system in this game is one of the most unique features in this game. You can capture your own dinosaur, train it, and then ride it around the island. To explore an island as quickly as possible, try to keep a fast dinosaur on hand, such as a Zebraceratops. For an advantage in battles, try to keep a strong attacker or a strong defender on hand.

An even quicker method of travel is warp holes. Look at the map to see where the next warp hole is. The warp hole can take you anywhere on the current island that you want to go, although it won’t take you from one island to the other. Just be careful about spending all of your Silver. If you need to revamp your Silver stores, then travel around the old-fashioned way.

One of the main points of the game is to deal with your hunger and thirst; to do this, you have plenty of things you can eat or drink, but follow the blanket rule of NEVER drinking ocean water or eating raw meat. Drinking ocean water/salt water will make you even thirstier and more fatigued. Eating raw meat can be poisonous, although if you cook it, you can make it safe.

Be sure to participate in the events as often as possible. Events can seem tough, time-consuming, or difficult, but they are the source of by far your best rewards in the game. You’ll earn the biggest rewards from events, and often, you’ll earn exclusive, time-limited items which won’t be available in the game after the event ends (but that you can still use after you have earned it).

When it comes to skills, upgrade all of them up to level 20, then start to specialize more depending on your style of play. You can be a melee fighter who uses weapons that are one handed, two handed, or the semi-ranged lancer, or the extremely short-distance bare-handed fighter if you’re of the risky type. Or you can focus on ranged fighting skills, allowing you to do huge damage with bows and arrows and other ranged weapons.

You can keep an almost infinite amount of items just by crafting more baskets, which allow you to store items, equipment, and materials. You can leave baskets wherever you want, too, so be sure to stash some on your island in places where item needs are common, such as stashing baskets full of dino food next to your dino pen.

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