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Dynasty Warriors Unleashed – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Dynasty Warriors Unleashed is a hugely popular mobile hack-and-slash RPG based on the famous franchise by Tecmo Koei. Your goal in this game is to build up the strongest possible team compete with 5-star and 6-star officers, equip weapons ranging in rarity all the way up to gold, and to load up on ingots and other goodies. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dynasty Warriors Unleashed!

When you are building a team without any six-star generals, it’s best to have all three types in your team: fire, water, and wood. That way, you can swap out when you are at a type disadvantage. Put the strongest example of each in your team. Once you finally get that six-star officer, though, there is incentive to having a one-type deployed team, because all officers of the same type as your six-star will get a bonus from your six-star.

Your best shot at getting a five-star or six-star officer without paying real-life money will come from buying the magical edict. The magical edict gives you 11 officers, one of which is guaranteed to be a four-star or better. And with all of the overall officers you’ll acquire from doing this, you’ll be able to train and promote your officers to work towards getting yourself a five- or six-star.

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Don’t auto-equip your characters – the game almost never picks the best equipment, making the auto-equip feature functionally useless. Go into the equipment list and pick out equipment that boosts your stats as high as possible. If it’s good, rare, silver or gold equipment, then focus on sacrificing your common equipment to boost them and maximize their potential.

Artifacts and legendary items are some of the rarest and best in the game, and can usually best be found through events, raids, bosses, and missions. Add as many friends as possible, so that you can send BP back and forth and mutually participate in more of these. BP is expensive to buy, but if you have a lot of friends, you’ll get a ton of it for free.

Gems are additional acquisitions that you can add to any weapon, armor, or artifact that has a socket in it. The icon on the gem denotes what it will attach to, the size denotes how much the gem will boost a stat, and the color signifies which stat it will boost. Red is for attack, blue is for defense, green is for health, silver is for critical dodge chance, and orange is for critical hit chance.