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E.T. The Green Planet (iOS) Guide: Tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies

E.T. The Green Planet is a new farming game for the iPhone and the iPad by Universal, Chillingo and a couple of other game companies. In this game you play as E.T. and a couple of his alien friends, and you’re all back home at your planet, in what is assumed to be a time period after the point that the movie took place. Your goal is to save the entire planet by replanting plants again, clearing out all of the dead stuff, and adding more decorations, all in an effort to complete all of the quests.

One very easy trick is to make the time go by rapidly. To do this, start an activity that you need to wait for time to pass to complete (such as putting an Ertong in the Nutrient Extractor or buying an expansion) and then go to your iPhone date and time settings. Once there, set the time ahead by however much you need to set it ahead in order to finish the task, then go to the game, and it will be done.

Once you have done this, you can set the time back to normal, and when you go back to the game you can continue playing as usual, and do the trick any other opportunity that you get. It can help you speed up the game significantly if you are waiting for construction on a building to finish.

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In addition, the same trick works well to give you free energy, since time heals energy. Just set it however far ahead that you want in order to get your energy back.

When deciding what plants to put into your nutrient beds, ALWAYS put the ones in that have the maximum amount of nutrients that they can hold without being collected from. For example, at the beginning of the game, immediately pull out the Lota that the tutorail has you put into the nutrient bed. Replace it with an Ertong and you will be good to go.