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EA Sports UFC (iOS/Android): How to get free gold and coins

EA Sports UFC is the latest entry in the fighting-themed EA franchise based on, of course, the real-life martial arts promotion that we all know and (sometimes) love (as much as Dana White tries to change that). There are dual currencies in this game, like many others. Coins are your main form of currency, and they are used to purchase lower-level upgrades, while gold is your premium currency, and is used to buy new fighters and massive ability packs. Read on for information on how to get both of these for free in EA Sports UFC!

Your main way to get free coins without any fighting whatosever is to watch advertisement videos for coins. Go to the in app purchase store and at the bottom of the window there will be an “earn free coins” button. Press it an an advertisement video will pop up. Watch it all the way through, then you will earn free coins. You can do this for as long as you have videos that you can watch. If you run out, come back later for more.

If you need to grind for moe coins, go back to old fights and do them over again. You will earn about half the coins for winning that you did before, but you will earn coins quickly this way because old fights against weak opponents tend to go by very quickly. The more stars you earn in any battle, the more coins you earn, so be sure you don’t get lazy and let them drain your health.

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You have three challenges at any one time, so complete any one of those free challenges in order to earn a large coin bonus. Eventually, a quest may pop up that gives you gold instead of coins for a reward, so complete that one for some free gold. Generally, though, you are only going to see coin quests unless you are really really lucky.

Keep an eye out for special events to happen. Live events generally coincide with a new upcoming UFC fight in real life, and typically you will earn coins as a reward, although depending on the event, they might add gold in as a reward.

Other perks of gold are also available by spending coins. For example, rare fighters and rare rewards can be earned from the live events. Rare moves and fighters also can come from the standard box that you purchase for 2,000 coins in the store – at least one guaranteed rare each time. Fighter packs and other premium packs often can be had for coins as an alternative to gold, so keep on the lookout for which ones you can purchase without using the premium currency.