EarthGang: MIRRORLAND (iOS/Android game): Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

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EarthGang: MIRRORLAND is a new beat-em-up in the style of Final Fight created in conjunction with Atlanta rap group EarthGang’s new album of the same name. Your goal is to make it through many different worlds, each of which is related in some way to a mixtape, EP, or album by EarthGang, fighting tougher and tougher enemies, before making it to the last stage and the final boss of the game.

You can unlock all sorts of people and rewards, play as both Olu and Wowgr8, beat up weird monsters, and unleash special attacks to clear out levels. Read on for some tips and tricks for EarthGang: MIRRORLAND!

The main thing to do is pick what perspective you want to fight from. You can play either holding your phone upright or sideways. Hold the phone upright and you can see more of the top and bottom portions of the level, getting interesting scenery and spotting dangers in the process. Hold it sideways and you can see enemies much further to your left or to your right.

When you have only one enemy to face, tapping rapidly to punch them is a simple endeavor. When you have more than one at a time, though, you’ll get pounded by whoever is behind you. In this case, with more than one enemy, run to one side of the screen and try to get all of the enemies on the other side, so that you can attack them all at once and defend yourself from all of them effectively.

Be sure to keep a lookout for the “!” signs that tend to pop up frequently. They will signify extra dangers that will take you out if they hit you. This includes speeding animals in the Royalty level, and speeding cars in the Rags level. They’ll also damage enemies when they hit them, though, to your advantage.

In the Mirrorland level, unlike others, you have more than one type of character that you can beat up. You can beat up the flying monkey demons, of course, but you also have to take out the people who are walking and staring at their phones. Keep hitting them until they disappear.

As you earn coins, you’ll unlock your super move by charging it up. With both Olu and Wowgr8, the supermoves attack a wide range on both sides of you, although each character’s super move is a little bit different. Coins fall from enemies; so do hearts, which can recharge your life.

The only boss character in this game is in the Mirrorland level, which is in the last portion of the game. The boss is a giant robot head that spits lasers. Run away to avoid the lasers, then run up to the boss and pound it until it starts to load up its attack again. Repeat a few times until you beat the level.

Once you beat a level on easy, you’ll unlock the same level on medium. Once you beat it on medium, you’ll unlock it on hard. If you want to get all three stars on a specific level, you have to beat it on all three difficulty modes.

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  1. Justin

    Wow, actually couldn’t believe there was already a walkthrough for this game lol album and game is absolutely amazing.
    Just beat the game on easy mode. Do the rewards unlock after beating different difficulties? I tap on them but nothing happens. Thanks!


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