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Eatventure: Guide Part 3 – Even More Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

As you continue to advance the status of your restaurant, you will continue unlocking new elements of the game. For example, when you upgrade your restaurant to a fast food place, you will unlock the ability to upgrade your equipment, which can increase the effect that it has, and can even increase the effectiveness of the secondary traits of your equipment.

When you upgrade your equipment, you can increase its level; this is done by sacrificing old equipment. It takes a significant amount of old equipment in order to increase the level of your main piece of equipment, so you’re going to want to save the upgrades for your rarest piece of equipment. Mythical, epic, and legendary equipment is what you want to upgrade; common and rare equipment is easily replaced, and should not be upgraded so quickly.

When you enter an event, getting to the gold medal before everybody else can be absolutely daunting. As far as winning the event goes, the winner will typically be the one who is the most diligent about, maintaining the double income boost, as well as the one who talks to the investor every chance that they get, and watches advertisement videos. Watch the videos for a quick shot of income, then upgrade as much as you can, then wait for the next investor, and repeat the process.

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The vault is another way of upgrading your character. This unlocks a random boost, typically the kind of booster that will not be helped by the other pieces of equipment. All that you have to do is go to the vault, pay the amount of gems that it says to pay, and you will unlock a new boost.

You can also upgrade any one of the boosts that you want to at any time, as long as you have the gems to do so; often, upgrading a boost that you already have cost less gems than trying to unlock a new boost. Once the boost gets to a high enough level, though, it is no longer worth it to upgrade it it, and it’s more worth it to either switch to a different boost to upgrade, or unlock a new one altogether.

If you tap on the little black button at the top of the screen, you will be able to use skills. The first skill that you unlock in the game is the ability to target one particular piece of food, so that customers request that more than they request the others. In general, you should always try to target the piece of food that makes the most money, but if there is one that makes close to the amount of money, but cooks far more quickly, then you should target that one instead.

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