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Eatventure: Guide Part 5 – More Advanced Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

There are a total of 60 different cities in the game. All of them have a different collection of restaurant types, but restaurant types also repeat frequently, so you will be able to transfer your tactics over from old cities to new cities in many cases. After you complete the final city, you will go back to the first city, but it will now count as number 61, 121, 181, or whatever the applicable multiple is.

Something that is not well known in this game is that there are actually six different rarities of equipment, not five rarities. The rarest equipment of all, even above ultimate equipment, is unique equipment, which comes only from a limited time event. Once that equipment is taken out of the game due to the end of the event, it’s completely gone, although if you wanted it before the event was taken out, you will still have it.

Despite the rarity, though, this equipment can often actually be easier and less time-consuming to get than legendary and ultimate equipment. The reason is that there are no blue print requirements in order to unlock this equipment. All that you have to do is complete the required tasks and rankings within the event.

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The game will pop up a red exclamation point next to any icon that it feels needs your attention, but not all of them are actually worth your attention. For example, every time that you earn a new piece of equipment, that icon will up here next to your equipment icon and seemingly never go away. In order to make it go away, simply tap on each new piece of equipment that you have earned, then the icon will disappear.

With the latest update to the game, the offline income advertisement video bonus has just increased from 2X to 4X, which means that whenever you multiply your income after signing on it, you can now quadruple your income instead of doubling it. This can make an absolutely massive difference if you are coming back from a very long period of being away from your phone.

The game will offer you a helper played by a real player, and you can then bring them on for five minutes at a time, with a 30 minute cool down. If you don’t like anybody that you’re offered, then close out of the game and open it back up again. This will shuffle the list of players that you can invite, and you may end up with a player with better equipment.

The merchant that accepts orange balls for payment comes and goes randomly, and once he goes away he won’t be able to buy anything for a while. If you want to spend all of your orange balls before he disappears, even if you don’t have many, you can still spend them on common items. These are not only cheap, but they are good for using as an upgrade material for epic, legendary, ultimate, and unique items.

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