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Elsword: Evolution – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Elsword: Evolution is a new iOS and Android RPG based off of the world of the MMORPG Elsword. Your quest follows Elsword, Aisha and Rena, the bickering trio that make up the meat of the El Search Party, as they track down the thief that stole the El Stone. You can collect gold and diamonds, unlock pets and skills, and acquire loads of equipment and fashion items to power up your characters. Read on for some tips and tricks for Elsword: Evolution!

Your character can equip various weapons and armor, and you earn loads of equipment so it’s important to keep track of it and only equip the rarest and best. If you see a blue arrow next to a piece of equipment, that means that it will provide an overall stat boost compared to what you have now. If you see a red arrow, it can be used to refine existing equipment.

To refine, pick the equipment with the red arrow and then hit refine, and one of its attributes will be added to what you’re already wearing. You can add up to three new attributes, and then further refine by picking an attribute to get rid of. Generally, you want to keep refining until all three of your added traits are the rare/epic/legendary trait, rather than the common one, or simply if you want to go for a specific attribute to add (more attack, defense, etc). Be sure to also sell off what you do not need.

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The battle mode can feel a bit like one long tutorial at first, but as you go further you’ll find that you’re able to deviate away from it more and more, and you’ll unlock more bonus dungeons such as the Warrior’s Trial, and ways to upgrade and earn bonuses. Explore around everything that you unlock. If you see a red dot next to an area or icon, that means there’s something to do or bonuses to earn in that area.

In addition to equipment, upgrade fashion and skills for even larger boosts. Fashion will change the appearance of your character and add new statistical bonuses. Skills are powerful attacks that are used in battle, and when you earn a new skill, it can be swapped in for an old skill. Upgrade skills as often as your gold coins and the game will allow you to.

You can play the battles in either manual, semi-auto, or automatic mode. Automatic is best for farming and for easier battles. For tougher battles, semi-auto will allow you to control when skills are used. Manual should be used when you want to employ evasion tactics to avoid getting hit by a tough enemy. When you’re using manual mode out of necessity, work out the attack pattern of your enemy, dodge when they are about to attack, then run in and use either skills or combo attacks when it’s safe to do so.