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Ember Conflict: Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Ember Conflict is a new hybrid between a MOBA and a real time strategy game. In this game you have a ton of characters to choose from, most of whom are locked at the beginning, and you can play to earn them as well as to find new equipment, but mainly, you compete against other players to determine who is the best, just like any good MOBA worth its salt. Read on for some tips and tricks for Ember Conflict!

Sometimes, the simplest strategies can also be the best. For example, one of the easier ways to succeed is to pick off one enemy fighter at a time. Especially in the 2v2 mode, if you notice that your partner is ganging up on one character, do the same thing to another character or even to the same character to pick them off one by one rapidly.

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Don’t let your aggressiveness get you killed, though. Try to keep your whole team together, albeit not right on top of each other, but at a distance permitted by their role (for example, hunters and siege beasts will be farther away than tanks will be). That said, if you have a really speedy batch of characters, utilize hit-and-run attacks, especially against slow characters like siege beasts.

No two strategies will work the same way, though, and no two players will have the same deck and tactics so it’s all about figuring out what works best for you once you get the hang of this game. Tweak and change things until you figure out your perfect strategy. Even then, be open to change, since more players joining the game every day means more different looks at various decks.

Save up your gold coins and your ember. You’ll earn more of both for free as a reward for the battles that you participate in, as well as daily bonuses, and you can use them to purchase new characters. More expensive characters are not necessarily better, but they give you more options as to how to put your team together.

More characters and equipment are unlocked as you continue to gain experience levels throughout the game. Be sure to equip all of your current team with all of the best equipment that you have, and then go out and get more equipment ASAP so that you can stay ahead of the game.