Empire Craft – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

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Empire Craft is a new role playing game for the iOS and Android by Heyshell, maker of Clash of Three Kingdoms. In this game you choose between one of three races that are fighting for domination of the world, and once you pick, your goal is to quest through battles, recruit more heroes and troops, earn more resources, and to “craft” the biggest “empire” (get it? haw haw) that the in-game world has seen. Read on for some tips and tricks for Empire Craft!

Battles are fairly simple, but there is one component that involves strategy. Picking the right choice between attack, assault and defense can help your chances. Attack beats defense, defense beats assault, and assault beats attack. If you have a general who has a special attack, then the special attack will beat everything else.

Your generals can be recruited at the tavern, and each one has their own rarity. White are the weakest and theoretically the most common (but not really), blue are one level stronger and are actually the most common, green are in the middle in both areas, yellow are the second strongest and rarest, and red are the strongest and rarest. You’ll unlock more generals as you make your way through all of the various stages in the game.

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The same is true for equipment. If you want to change the equipment in the store, keep hitting the refresh button. You’ll want blue to begin with, but after everyone is filled up, hold off until at least a green shows up. The further into the game that you get, the more yellows and reds you’ll end up finding popping up in the store.

Upgrade the various resource earners in your village as quickly as possible. The three-arrow green chevron in the upper right corner of the resource screens is the auto-upgrade button, so just use that, and spread it out as evenly as possible among the different resource centers so you can get a fairly even amount of each.

Need to gain experience levels quickly? Start completing quests and your experience will shoot through the roof, leading to you unlocking not only new buildings but unlocking the ability to fight new enemy generals. If you’re losing at battles, though, go back and upgrade by purchasing more/better generals, or simply go to old stages that you have beaten already, and play them over and over again until you level them up.

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