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Goodgame Empire: Four Kingdoms Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Goodgame Empire: Four Kingdoms is a new massively multiplayer online real time strategy game. Fans of Kingdoms of Camelot will enjoy this game, as the gameplay is par for the course for that genre. You get your very own castle and kingdom, and from there you set out to acquire resources such as food, wood, and stone, conquer other kingdoms and outside outposts, form alliances with other kingdoms to multiply your power, increase your honor by winning battles, and become one of the strongest players in the whole kingdom. Read on for some tips and tricks for Empire: Four Kingdoms!

Right from the beginning you will be able to attack robber baron castles, even when you are in beginner protection. Attacking more than one robber baron castle at once is an awesome way to earn resources. Train more troops and siege weapons, and then split them up, sending a fraction of your army to each castle at the same time, so that they all come back at the same time, loaded with honor and resources.

When it comes to attacking other players after beginner protection is over, all that you can see from the map is their level and honor, so use espionage to determine how powerful their castle is, how many troops, resource and whatnot. The absolute best castles to attack are abandoned castles (players who no longer play the game but whose castles still produce resources). Attack them when their troops and defenses have been totally destroyed by other players. Then simply use them to farm resources.

Public order is determined by how protected your castle is, and how many decorations there are, subtracted by the population level and the amount of unrest, which can be caused after an attack when your city is damaged. Fix up your city as quickly as possible, and LOAD your city with decorations to increase the public order. The bigger that green bar at the top of the screen gets (and the smaller the red bar gets), the higher your order is, which can lead to more than 100% productivity. You can even get your resource collecting up to 200% with enough decorations and defenses.

Opening the gate to your attackers (which can be done in the “Manage” menu) can be a lifesaver if your troops are out of town fighting battles, and/or you’re surrounded by stronger players who like to try to bully you. Keep the gates open while your troops are out fighting, and then use their loot to immediately train other troops. Repeat this until you have enough troops, defenses and siege weapons to become powerful enough to defeat your repeat attackers.