Empire Z: Defense Guide – How to protect your resources and stop rival players

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Empire Z is an MMO real time strategy game in the same vein as Game of War: Fire Age, but with zombies, and with that, a whole range of new strategy that’s fairly unique to this type of game. Here you will find yourself getting attacked frequently by other players, especially if you are on a server with more experienced players. Read on for a guide on how to stop other players and foil their attacks in Empire Z!

The simplest way to do this is to make yourself absolutely worthless to attack, to guarantee that other players won’t want to attack you. The way to do this is to upgrade your storage bunker as high as it will go. It will protect massive amounts of your food, wood, metal and oil, making it so that unless you have a gigantic quantity of resources for your level, coins will be the only thing other players can win from you.

Even so, you’ll still get attacked often enough that you will want to beat back your attackers. The best defense, as they say, is a good offense. Train as many troops as you can, because it’s primarily a numbers game. Plus, whenever the battle is over, recover as many troops as you can in your hospitals. Build more hospitals and upgrade the ones that you already have in order to improve your defense.

Train defenses on your walls, too. These can be trained simultaneously with your troops, and they will fortify your city so that less of your troops have to be used in its defense. In fact, if you have a heavy enough defensive presence on your wall, it’s possible that your troops may not even have to be used at all when you get attacked by another player’s army.

Upgrade your radar as much as possible. The radar will tell you when another player is marching towards your location for the purposes of attacking you. The higher your upgrade level, the farther out your radar will reach, giving your more time to prepare your defenses and call back your troops in order to fend off an attack.

If you want to make yourself even more worthless to attack, save your prizes (resource prizes, especially coins) until you need them, rather than adding them to your stash right away. While the prizes are sitting in your quests folder, they will be hidden away from any player who attacks, and you won’t lose them when you get attacked, no matter how hard you get hit.

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