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Empire Z is a game for fans of Game of War: Fire Age, who also happen to like zombies. Like many games of this type, you can get all kinds of VIP bonuses in the game, which include goodies such as free speed ups, speedy resource acquisition, troop attack and defense bonuses, and even more alliance missions. Read on to find out how to get VIP status for free!

The main way to do this is by the daily logins. Each time you login for the first time in a particular day, you’ll earn more VIP points. Go to the VIP section to see how many points you need for the next level, and next to the leveling bar, look for where it says how many VIP points you get the next time around.

If you want to earn VIP points faster, you can also buy them with gold. Bonus gold can be earned by doing the offers on Tapjoy or watching videos for free gold in the in-app purchase store, as well as by completely clearing out an infected city, among other things.

You’ll also need to activate your VIP bonuses separately. This is also done via the daily logins, but if that’s not enough, join an active alliance and you’ll earn gold bonuses from other players, which can often include VIP activation, as well as VIP points in general. Play the casino, and you’ll be likely to find the same thing. Spin as often as possible for the best chances at this reward.

Like the VIP points, you can also buy the VIP activations by spending gold, so use the free bonus gold that you get from tricks above in exchange for additional VIP time. However, it’s questionable how often you will need this if you login everyday.

If you buy a gold pack, you’ll get tickets to the high stakes room in the casino. Play here for an even better chance at earning VIP benefit packages than you would normally get in the standard casino.

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