Empire Z – Resource Guide: How to get more resources, page 2

When you find an infected city on the map, take your alliance, team up with them, and clear the city of zombies. Once it’s clear, it will be an abandoned city, and it can be used to raid all five of the resources. Until you kill the zombies, though, you won’t have any luck at gaining resources from the city, and the zombies take a long time to kill.

Attacking other players CAN earn you resources, but usually, the only one that you’ll get is coins. The reason for that is that the Storage Bunker protects all four of the other resources. For this reason, it’s usually completely worthless to attack other players unless you either really need coins or you want to establish domination (or convince them to join your alliance, mafia-style).

By the same token, you should always have your storage bunker at the maximum possible level. You’ll rarely have enough resources at a time to fill up your bunker, and having it will make it absolutely worthless for other players to attack you, because they will never get any resources from you other than coins.

Use items to earn more resources quickly if you are desperate. These cost gold to purchase, but you’ll often earn them as a bonus for completing a mission, or in the casino area. You may also earn them as a bonus if you are in an alliance and a gift bonus is sent out as a result of somebody else purchasing gold.

Increase your VIP level as high as you can. The higher your VIP level is, the more of a production bonus you will get from all of your production buildings. This ranges from a 4 percent income bonus for VIP level one, all the way up to a 15 percent production bonus for the top level, VIP 10.

Always make sure to put a special concentration on your food production, because this is what will drain the fastest whenever you have a large number of troops. It’s very easy to let it slip into a negative food production, where your troops eat more than your farms produce. The food counter will be red when this happens.

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