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Empire Z – Tips and Cheats: The Ultimate Strategy Guide

Empire Z is a new MMORTS for the iOS and Android platforms. Think of it as a cross between The Walking Dead and Kingdoms of Camelot. You have to battle not only against zombies but against rival factions of humans. You are one of thousands of cities out there consisting of survivors post-zombie apocalypse, and your goal is to continue to survive, thrive and become the proverbial king of the hill. Read on for some tips and tricks for Empire Z!

Any time that you have construction time remaining on a building, wait for it to drop to where it takes only 3 minutes to finish. When it hits that point, you will be able to speed it up for free rather than having to spend any gold on it. This is true for things that take more than 3 minutes to finish, too. Just wait for the counter to drop to 3 minutes or less.

If you run out of gold, you can always get more for free without having to spend any money on it via iTunes. Go to the IAP store and you can get free gold in exchange for liking the game on Facebook, liking it on Twitter, or watching free advertisement videos. Videos will run out after awhile but it will take less than an hour for them to regenerate if you exhaust them all.

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The battle system works in a reverse Rock Paper Scissors mode. As far as troops go, infantry is strong against demolitions, demolitions are strong against vehicles and vehicles are strong against infantry. Of course, you should have every type of troop for the optimum attack against all defenders, and every type of defense for strength against all troops.

Battles are primarily a numbers game, though. Generally, if your power is stronger than your opponent’s power, you will win the fight; don’t be fooled though as defenses tend to be worth less power yet be able to repel defenses. Use scouting and pure math to figure out the rest from there.

While this game is fairly new, if you have been playing for awhile or are reading this article when the game is older, start looking for abandoned bases. You’ll know because you will scout them and they will have no troops, yet they continue producing resources. Attack them as often as possible in order to maximize your resources and your battle record.

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