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5) Save your teleports for when you are in an alliance.
Or when you have founded your own alliance. One of the most advantageous ways to achieve dominance is to move your whole alliance to the same general area. Save your teleports for mass city movements, unless you have no desire to join an alliance (for some reason) and are constantly being bullied by stronger players to the point that you can’t train enough troops to break free.

4) Move as close to a large batch of wilds as possible.
Wilds include lumber mills, mines, silver mines, farms and oil wells. Move right next to one (especially next to a farm, as food goes fast) and send your troops over constantly so that you can farm them for heavy amounts of resources. The closer you are, the less time and food you’ll waste on troop movements.

3) Purchase gold in small increments, rather than all at once.
The reason for this is that gold bonuses will give prizes to all of your alliance members, so if you are going to buy gold, purchase the five dollar package over and over. However, if you want to send everybody less bonuses, but a better overall alliance gift, buy the bigger packages. And be sure to collect all of the packages that are sent to you.

2) Send each other construction help and materials.
Once you hit the level 5 command center, you can build an airport, so you and your alliance members can send stuff back and forth (also good for shielding coins against attackers). Plus, if you are in an alliance, tap the help button as often as possible to help people with their construction. When you’re building something, send it to the help queue and your alliance will speed it up. Same goes with research.

1) Keep the research lab operating at full tilt as often as possible.
You need it in order to research construction and resource-gathering bonuses, marching and troop stat bonuses, brand new troops, and everything in between. Spend your skill points wisely, as well (I recommend construction upgrades before all else, then research and troop training time upgrades).

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