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Empires and Allies: Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Empires and Allies might be by the same company as the old Facebook game of the same name, but it’s a completely different and modernized game for the iOS and Android, pitting players in an endless war against each other, with the highest of high-tech military equipment and a whole host of ways to build up your base. Read on for some tips and tricks for Empires and Allies!

The first thing to remember is that a strong defense makes the best kind of offense. Even if you mostly play only in the single player mode, you’re still vulnerable to attacks from other players. Always keep your walls up to date, and make sure that your HQ has the best protection out of any of your buildings, with your resource buildings being a close second. And make sure that your defensive buildings give even, spread-out coverage to your whole base.

To load up on units, always max out on troop tarmacs and keep them at the highest upgrade level possible. The more troops you have at a time, the better you’ll fare in battle, and (later on in the game) as you upgrade them in the Research Agency, they will perform better as well. Keep a good mix of troops around so that you can deal with different sets of troops in enemy camps.

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Gold is the premium currency of this game, and while it normally costs money, there are ways to get it for free. The main way to do so, at least until they add an achievement system to the game, is to spend oil to clear trees out from your base. Each tree that you clear out will earn a little bit of gold, and little by little you will earn enough gold to buy another builder so that you can complete more projects at once. Trees will grow back over time, giving you fuel for free gold.

In general, move your buildings as close together as possible so that they are easier to defend, but not so close together that they are super easy to destroy via air raids. If you want a good idea at a strong base layout then go to the list of top players (tap on your trophy count) and look at the top bases. Try to imitate what they do, and then develop your own unique strategy as you become more experienced. Look at the bases of those with the most victories.

Upgrade your weapons command and make smart use of your command points in battle. Everything has its own specific optimum use – for example, A-10 fire is an excellent way to weaken and destroy defensive towers. Flares will direct your entire troop effort in a specific direction, at one specific building. Destroying buildings in battle will earn you more command points to use, so use your weapons early and often.