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Endless Frontier Saga 2 – Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Endless Frontier Saga 2 is the second game in the series of idle RPGs for the iOS and Android platforms. The characters play the game on their own, with your goal being to manage your characters and your money behind the scenes. You can earn gold coins, gems, medals, and all kinds of other cool stuff, as well as enter into dungeons and special battles to win even larger prizes. Read on for some tips and tricks for Endless Frontier Saga 2!

The main catalyst to success in this game is how much money you can earn, so buy new quests and upgrade your current ones in order to earn more money. Be sure to automate your quests, especially your most recent ones as the most recently-unlocked quest is typically the highest earner, so focus on your upgrades to that until you have enough gold to unlock the next quest in line.

You need medals in order to enhance your characters, and your main way of earning medals is to sell your units. The rarer the unit, though, the more medals they earn you by a long shot, so in order to succeed in battles, you’re going to have to sell the rarer units, as the common ones don’t earn you that many medals. Selling a red unit, though, will earn you five-figures worth of medals.

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You need honor coins in order to get the rarest units, so join up in as many battles as possible, as long as you can beat them. Sometimes the battle arena will be far too difficult as you’ll get matched up against much stronger players, so try out the other battles until then.

Dungeons tend to be easier to beat than battles, so hit the dungeons and progress forward. You’ll need dungeon tickets and those restore once every ten minutes or so. Each dungeon will earn you a different type of material, each of which can be used to buy artifacts. So play dungeons as often as possible.

Artifacts give permanent boosts to either your earnings or your troops. For example, Sheepskin Armor can increase your quest gold acquisition by 50%, while the Magic Pupil’s Hat increases the defense of all of your orcs by 15%. Figure out what you’ll need for your particular troops. Go to the units area and hit the question-mark button to see the various unit icon descriptions and their meanings, so you can figure out who’s a human, who’s an orc, or who’s a different race.