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Endless Frontier – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Endless Frontier is a very in-depth clicker RPG for the iOS and Android. This game takes the team building aspects of it to the next level as it allows you to unlock and level up various quests to earn money, build a team of units that can take down enemies and other players, as well as earn gems, gold, and medals. Read on for some tips and tricks for Endless Frontier!

The quests are the basis of everything. They are what will earn you gold, which is what will give your units more power, and which will allow you to revive, earn medals, and buy more units. You can level your quests up to unimaginable numbers, but rather than focusing on leveling castle sweeping up to level 100,000, do what will make your a lot more money in a much quicker time frame – buy the next quest down, as they will earn you FAR more money per minute compared to the quests above them, even when the quests above them are leveled sky high.

Gems are the premium currency of the game. This game likes to load you right up with gems. Every time that you login, you’ll be able to claim some free ones out of the inbox, so always look out for those. Use them to purchase more slots in the unit area so that you can fill up. Don’t spend them on actual units though; with time and a small amount of patience, you’ll find plenty of them to fill the slots.

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The battle area is where you can compete against other players. Before you go here, though, make sure to have spent some medals in enhancing your 3-5 star units (ignore the ones with less stars than that). And make sure that you have at least five units and that they are of different elements. Beyond that, keep enhancing your units, finding rarer ones and unlocking more slots so that you can dominate the battle realm.

After you do the first revival, you’ll be able to get honor coins, which can be found in abundance inside of your inbox, or earned in the arena. Once you have enough honor coins, go to the honor shop in the battle arena and go to whichever five-star unit you want and purchase them. This is the most surefire way to get a super strong five-star.

Hit the store area and you can speed things along by watching ads. Watch an ad and you’ll get free gold – the amount depends on how much gold per minute you currently earn. Hit the 20 minute speed-up button especially before you highest-earning quest is about to hit if you’re losing the patience for it.