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Epic Flail – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Epic Flail is a new iOS and Android game, one of the weirdest ones in a long time, where your goal is simply to beat the other person to death with a flail. You and another flail-wielding beachgoer swing at each other in front of a pixelated crowd, and whoever hits the other person first wins. Read on for some tips and tricks for Epic Flail!

You have three buttons that you can use to control your character in this game: the left button, the right button, and the swing button. Considering the unwieldy nature of the flails, you can use your left and right movement to make more accurate swings. Pay attention to the direction that the flail moves when you walk; this can change the trajectory of your swing.

Be sure to aim for the head when you swing. If the flail hits them in the arm or somewhere else, the hit will usually not register. If the ball hits them in the head, though, it will kill them every time. And make sure to protect you own head from getting hit by the enemy’s flail in the process.

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When you play in the standard single-player mode, you’ll be able to quest through level after level. With each level, the difficulty and the enemy’s strategy changes a bit. They may be more passive, or they might be more aggressive. Move back and forth, and watch what kind of stuff they do. Use their own aggression against them.

With almost everyone that you face, you can move into their path a little bit and then quickly back out. The forward movement will bait the enemy into swinging, and of course, the backwards movement gets you out of the way. In rare moments, you can actually avoid the flail by moving so close to your enemy that the flail can’t hit you.

In endless mode, the enemy generally uses the exact same strategy every time against you. So in turn, use the same strategy every time against them. Theoretically, you can rack up an unlimited number of points and never lose on the endless levels just by making sure that you’re out of the way of their flail, and that you hit them in the head.