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Epic Party Clicker – Tips, Cheats, Tricks and Strategy Guide

Epic Party Clicker is the latest from the king of clicker games, Tapps Games, and this one blends the clicker formula with music games. Your parents are gone and you are home alone, so your goal here is to throw the most epic party that you possible can. Using all manner of goodies, from party stuff to sound systems to a party bus, you can bring a literally impossible number of partiers inside your house for the ultimate party of all time. Read on for some tips and tricks for Epic Party Clicker!

One of the main cheats is the good old fashioned time lapse cheat. First, you are going to need to have a party van, and some party stuff (the stuff that earns you partygoers every second). Then set the time ahead on your phone or tablet for the maximum van time (40 minutes for the base van, for example), then go back to the game and collect it. Do this trick over and over again.

You have two main ways to tap. You can either tap as fast as you want, or you can tap to the beat of the music, which will give you multipliers as you get it right. If you are going to tap musically, turn on the sound or plug in some headphones to make it a bit easier to keep up with it.

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Buying the sound system enhancements (the stuff that adds partygoers per click) and it won’t change the graphics at all. Buy the party stuff, though, and each time you purchase something entirely new (not a repeat of something), the graphics change just a little bit. Something new will appear on the house. Keep buying that new party stuff and see how insane your house begins to look!

Listen to the music too, and the music gradually changes as you add multipliers (if you are tapping rhythmically). New instruments will come into play, such as guitars, turntables and synthesizers. Also, if you tap until you hit the 10x multiplier, the little music record icons will come a whole lot more quickly, and if you tap them at the right time and keep the multiplier going you can earn a LOT of partygoers, very quickly.

If you want to earn more diamonds for free, your best bet is the fast-tapping. Every so often, you’ll get a diamond from a tap, but not too often, so you have to be patient and wait for it. Open the boxes that fly overhead too, as they contain both diamonds and partygoers.