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Era of Heroes – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Win, and Strategy Guide

Era of Heroes is a new mobile RPG for the iOS and Android platforms that has seen its popularity skyrocket in recent days. In this game you can create a team full of heroes both common and rare, sacrifice other heroes in order to power them up, and complete a nearly endless amount of quests. Read on for some tips and tricks for Era of Heroes!

One of the easiest ways to level up and to earn a lot of experience, coins and other goodies is to go back to one of the old levels that you have already beaten, especially the last/hardest level that you have beaten. Go back there and hit the skip button, which becomes available in a level that you have already beaten. The level will be skipped and you will earn all of the same prizes. Do this until you run out of energy to level up very quickly.

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In the Mall you can go shopping for new heroes, and even better, all three of the different rarities are available for free at different times. The Ethereal summon is the best one as it gives you the chance to get 5-star characters, with 4-star characters being the minimum rarity. Plus, every three summons, you get a guaranteed five-star character.

If you want to have more than three characters in your party at a time, keep on leveling up and you will be able to add more. If you want to switch heroes out (other than your main hero), tap the formation button (not the hero button) and tap on the character that you want to swap out. Pick the character who’s not deployed already that you want to swap in.

Otherwise, to level up heroes, go to the hero screen and hit the Lv. up button and you can sacrifice up to five heroes at a time in order to level up one hero. Use this to get rid of all of your common heroes so that you can make space in your roster, and of course, to make your party stronger as well.

Enhance your weapons too, by going to the Equipment tab, where you can spend silver in order to level up your weapons. This is just as effective as leveling up your actual heroes. Plus, use the Advance Hero option to move your hero to a higher tier and boost their stats if you have the advance pellets in order to make it happen.