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Escape (Ketchapp) – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Ketchapp’s games seem to get more and more elaborate. Escape is a new rocket-propelled endless flyer game. Your goal here is to rescue as many people as possible while flying as far through the rapidly-collapsing regions of the game as you can. Read on for some tips and tricks for Escape by Ketchapp!

At the beginning of the game, let your rocket fill up with as many people as possible before you take off. You can start it up with as many or as few humans as you want to, but why fly at a disadvantage right from the get-go? You also pick up more humans as you progress through the game. Fly close to them in order to pick them up.

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You can always continue your main adventure from where you left off. All of your progress from the levels that you have previously beaten will be saved, and you can start again from where you left off as many times as you want. If you are unhappy with your game up to this point, you can always start back over and erase your current saved game (you can only have one saved game at a time in this game).

The daily challenge really is the toughest portion of the game. This is the old-school endless flyer mode. No humans are here to pick up, you just fly as far as you can through the stages as possible. The levels are repeats until the next day, then you will get an entirely new stage with which to play.

You can purchase a skip through a segment of the main game, which is good to do if there is a level that you just really cannot beat, but not many of these levels will come around. Better to practice so that you can beat it for free. Patience is better than spending money.

Want to skip through the ads? You can make an IAP in order to make this game go ad free, or you can put the phone into Airplane Mode and the ads will disappear because they cannot load. Better to purchase the ad free version of the game in order to show some appreciation to the developers.