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Eternal Arena – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Eternal Arena is the latest title by NetEase for the iOS and Android platforms. This innovative new game combines the gameplay of action RPGs and MOBAs, two of the most popular free-to-play genres right now. You can quest through numerous areas and go through the storyline, fight in the arena, or engage in raids, as well as collect characters and weapons. Read on for some tips and tricks for Eternal Arena!

In battle, you can either choose to do it automatically or you can control the action yourself. For most battles, auto mode should be sufficient for a quick and easy victory. Sometimes, though, your characters will do strange things in auto mode, or the battle will be tough enough that you’ll need to employ some strategy. When this happens, switch back to manual mode.

After each battle, you gain both player experience and character experience. Player experience will allow you to upgrade your characters and their weapons to a higher level, while character experience will automatically improve their stats. Plus, with each player level, you will get a free refill of energy.

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Hit the tasks button for a list of things to do next to earn rewards. You can earn free diamonds this way (the premium currency of the game), as well as more gold and extra experience points. If you see a red dot next to the task icon, that means that you have rewards to claim.

As you build up gold and diamonds, hit the portal area and go to the tavern and the blacksmith. The tavern will allow you to summon new heroes using diamonds. The blacksmith will allow you to upgrade your weapons and armor, which can make a huge difference when you are stuck on a tough level.

Also, hit the portal area and go on the various hunts. Your rank in the Goblin and Monster Hunt (and future hunts which are unlocked as you progress in the story) depends on how many enemies you kill in each of these levels. The higher your rank at the end of the tournament period, the more and better rewards you will get for participating. More and more special battles will continue to unlock as you complete various chapters of the story mode.