Eternal Cannon: Incremental – Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

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Eternal Cannon: Incremental is a new iOS and Android game where you control an auto-firing cannon, as well as manually fire lightning bolts in order to get rid of endless waves of enemies and bosses. Your goal is to earn coins and gems and get massively rich, while becoming the most powerful cannon-firer and lightning-shooter that you can. Read on for some tips and tricks for Eternal Cannon: Incremental!

You can tap on the screen to fire lightening, but you have to pay attention to the overheat bar on the left side of the screen, because if it runs out, then you’ll have to wait for a bit before you can shoot lightning again. If you are rapid tapping, stop before the overheat hits and you’ll have a much faster recovery time.

Once you upgrade the cannon damage and firing speed for the first time, then the cannon will start firing automatically. Upgrade those two as quickly as you can and you’ll do a huge amount of damage to enemies, but bosses will still require plenty of lightning. If you go offline for awhile though, come back to the large amount of money that you get, then spend it on cannon upgrades and they’ll be able to smoke the bosses easily, too.

Upgrade the cannon turning speed, too, as this is just as important so that you can quickly switch from enemy to enemy. Finally, tap the target/crosshair icon at the left side of the screen to decide whether the cannon will target close enemies, far enemies, strong enemies, or weak enemies first.

Once the bosses get that much tougher to beat, you’re going to need skills to beat them, so tap on the fourth tab from the left and you’ll be able to unlock fire, ice, and other skills. Upgrade the skills to increase the amount of damage and/or effectiveness, and use the skills wisely, especially to knock off the harder bosses in the game.

Once you get far enough along, you can prestige by tapping the Prestige button on the first menu. This unlocks at about level 60, but wait for as long as you can to prestige. The higher the wave you’re on, the more of a damage multiplier you’ll add and the more gold you’ll start with.

If you want to get really far and/or make a ton of money, set your phone to never auto-sleep, and then leave the game active while you sleep. The more your cannon is upgraded before you do this, the better. Then when you wake up in the morning, there will be a ton of coins. The game will auto-revive every time you die so you don’t have to worry about losing your position.

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