Eternity Warriors 3 – How to get more Coins and free Gems

Eternity Warriors 3 is the latest in the popular mobile hack-and-slash franchise by Glu Games. Like many freemium games, there are multiple currencies in this one. The main currency, and the one that naturally will end up being more common, is coins. Gems are the rarer of the two currencies, though, but they are the currency that will buy you the nicest goods in the game. Read on to find out how to get more of both of them!

The main way to find more coins, of course, is in the levels that you play. If you get stuck in a level, go back through an older level and play through again (and again and again if needed). Hit all of the treasure chests and break all of the urns and barrels, since many of them contain coins that you can pick up.

Quests are a huge source of coins. You have to manually claim each one of your quest rewards; if you don’t, it will just sit there waiting to be claimed. The good thing about this, though, is that if you have neglected collecting your rewards, you could end up having a ton of them just sitting there, waiting to collect, meaning a ton of coins to add to your coffers.

If you still need to get more coins, you can always sell equipment that you don’t need in order to get more. Equipment that is old or weak is arguably better used as material to power up your good equipment, though. Also, check the daily rewards for free coins and gems.

Get free Gems in a number of ways. You can go to the store menu and tap on the “get free gems” button and you will be able to complete a number of offers on the Tapjoy offer wall menu that will earn you free gems as a reward. If you tap the “watch video” button, an advertisement video will pop up offering you free gems for watching it. Watch as many videos as you can, as each one will earn you gems.

Plus, if you go to and register, then search out the offers for this game, plenty more offers will pop up that can’t be put on the in game offer wall. And they are all free.