Etherlords – How to get Uncommon, Rare, Superior and Legendary heroes, page 2

If you haven’t already logged into the game via Facebook, go and log into it right away. You will get an uncommon or better creature as a reward for doing so. Go and check your creature list and it will simply show up in there, ready for you to use it. You can only do this once, though, so if you plan on restarting the game, make sure you have a second Facebook account at the ready.

You can go back through older stages, chapters, and worlds and grind them as many times as you want. All that you have to do is tap and hold on one of the worlds that you previously completed, and you will be transported right back into it. Do this over and over again as many times as you want to farm for creatures.

Or, do this to farm for ether (the blue bottle currency). Then take the ether, and go to the store and go to the card packs. Purchase the five pack of the premium silver booster for 20,000 or the silver booster for 8,000, but ideally the premium one so that you can have a chance at legendary troops. Repeat this (admittedly tedious) process as often as you need to for a top tier team.

Do the same thing with Valor points so that you can use them to purchase some Valiant Boosters. Valiant Points can be more time consuming depending on your luck though. The chief way to earn them is to find a treasure chest. Once you find one, you will have to fight to unlock the three keys. Get the three keys and open the chest for Valiant Boosters, among other treasure.

Inside of that chest in addition will be anything from random creatures that you’ve more than likely fought against before, to potentially uncommon and rare creatures, or creatures that are even more rare.

If you have money to spend and you still want to be thrifty, do this five-purchase thing with the gold purchase. The premium gold purchase isn’t near as cheap so the gold booster, in high numbers, provides arguably the best chance for a legendary card pack.

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