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15) How to check on the rarity of your cards
An easy way to figure it out is just by looking at the maximum experience level of your cards; however, tap and hold a card to see its stats, and in the upper right corner of the card you will see a letter. C means common, U means uncommon, R means rare, S means superior and L means legendary, in order from most common to most rare (and thus least powerful to most powerful)

14) Where you can really tell how card rarity has an effect
At first it will seem like the cards have similar power levels, and your rare or superior card might even be inferior to a common or uncommon card that has been fused to level 10 or so. The rarity really makes itself known, though, when you fuse with the rare card as a benefactor, because its stats will increase more per level. Increases are around 25% more for uncommon, 50% more for rare, 75% more for superior and 100% more for legendaries.

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13) If you want to reset your game, this is what you should do
First, delete Etherlords, then reinstall it again. Then throw your device into airplane mode or shut off all of the data and internet, then restart the game and play all the way through the tutorial. Once the tutorial is over, put the internet connections back on and you will end up keeping your new account.

12) Watch out for special moves that contain either a curse or a protective shield.
They will always list a specific power in the descriptor. A curse will add that power to the damage the cursed enemy takes, while a protective shield will decrease the damage taken by one of your own creatures by that level of power.

11) Have a healer in your party whenever possible.
Especially a healer who restores the life of all of your party members at once with their special move. This can make your party extraordinarily hard to kill even for a tough enemy fighter, but these creatures are few and far between. When you do find one, level it as high as you can and put it in your party.

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